Welcome to the webpage of the Fraternal Order of Police, Ben Bradford Lodge #135!  Here you can learn more about our organization and our activities, read the minutes of previous meetings (if you’re a member!) and find out about future events, among other things.

There are Two Words that when put together mean many different things to many different people. Two Words that can put smiles on people’s faces or anxiety in their hearts. Two Words that may strike hatred in some and love in others. Two Words that are more than just words.They are a title, an occupation and a career. Better yet, they are two words that describe a lifestyle. A lifestyle like no other for the men and women who choose to place a badge on their chest and promise to serve and protect. A lifestyle that may require that a person to in a split second save someone’s life while risking their own. A lifestyle that requires that person face good and bad every single day that others don’t see. A lifestyle that asks that person to wake up every morning without the assurance they will come home that night. Two words mean all that. Two words that should forever be remembered. Those Two Small Words are:

Police Officer


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